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The Nature of Wood:

Wood is a natural material and minor defects are common. Number 2 grade and stud grade are our most commonly used grades of lumber, although in some cases we use both #1 and #3 grades. Wood grades are based on strength and appearance of boards.
Common imperfections such as knots or knot holes, sap pockets, bow (warping end to end), cupping (warping edge to edge), crook (warping end to end along the edge also known as crown), wane (the bark edge of the tree), check (slight splits not through entire thickness
of board), splits (going all the way through the board, commonly at the ends), shake (separation of grain between growth rings), and possible, but unlikely, twist (multiple bends in a board) might be found in your building. Similar imperfections and defects are found in typical home construction; you just don’t see it because its covered by drywall. Generally, these small defects in wood are taken into account in the lumber grading process and won’t affect the building’s strength or longevity and are not cause for warranty repairs.
We take great care to cull lumber that is not up to our standards. If you think a defect in your building exceeds the limit of “slight defect”, we ask that you submit photos of the suspect board(s) for our review.
Warranty work will be performed when we determine the defect to be great enough to compromise the strength of the structure.
Are your buildings customizable?

Yes. We offer a several door options, window options, multiple exterior color options as well as roof color  options. Ask our knowledgable sales staff for further cusotmizing options.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. We offer a 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

What about Delivery?

Weather King Portable Buildings provides delivery of the buildings we sell.  Delivery will go smoothly when proper arrangements are made in advance.  Free delivery and set-up only includes one trip to the specified delivery location located within 50 odometer miles from the nearest Weather King Sales Center.  Set-up includes leveling the portable building with treated wood blocks provided by the delivery driver; or suitable 4” flat solid concrete blocks available at the site and provided by the Customer. Buildings are set on skids at grade with ‘treated wood shims’ used to level the building.  Drivers will not set a building above 6” from ground level without an extra cost. Wood or 4”flat solid concrete blocks above 6” in height may require extra time and material which the customer must agree to pay directly to the driver at the time of delivery. The driver will level the building when it is delivered initially. If the buildings settle after being loaded with belongings this is not a warranty issue. If the driver is needed to go back to re level that will be the responsibility of the customer. Any state or local requirement for ground ties or anchoring is the responsibility of the customer.

There must be enough space for not only the building but also the truck and the trailer. There are some things to consider for the delivery of your building. The truck and trailer that will be delivering your building may exceed 75’ in length and when loaded with your building may exceed 15.6’ in height. Low ranch gates may cause issues for the driver when entering the property. Low power lines and telephone line must be considered for the delivery of the building also. Adequate clearances require a minimum of four feet from any other structure or property line on any side of the portable building, and overhead clearance equal to the height of the portable building plus five feet.  If the driver determines that there is not enough space, arrangements for another location must be made by the customer.

If another trip is necessary to make delivery, the customer will bear the entire cost of the subsequent delivery at the cost of $3.00 per mile (one way).  If the delivery is more than 50 odometer miles from the closest Weather King Sales Center, the customer hereby acknowledges responsibility to pay the delivery driver $3.00 per mile (one way) for every additional odometer mile beyond the first 50 miles.  Customer agrees to pay any additional delivery charge prior to the driver unloading the building.

Delivery personnel are not responsible for the trimming of trees, clearing of brush or stumps, or the removal of fences & gates or any other obstructions at the delivery site.  Please use conservative judgment when considering ditches and/or tight access routes/turns on rural access roads.